Sunday, 10 March 2013

IITians and the B.PAC group

        A good day. Met many fellow IITians , all of who had congregated at the B.PAC event in Bangalore, many of whom are from my vintage , and even better to know, are thinking like me. Baffled  by the great governance (or lack of "it" , not of the IT-information technology kind )in Bangalore, a group of prominent Bangaloreans led by Mohandas Pai, Ashwin Mahesh, Kiran Mazumdar Shaw have launched the B. PAC. The Bangalore Political Action Committee. Not to be confused with any political party, this is,simply speaking, a forum to put forward and drive the agenda for Bangalore, much neglected by the  rural or vote bank driven politicians , who claim Delhi ( and therefore Bangalore ) are not the real India. That makes me wonder- where do I live if not in the real India? Bangalore does not feel like the West or the Middle east by any benchmark, does  it?

Back to the B.PAC gathering of today, supported by IITians  , the epitome of the confused urban voter who does not know what or who to support when it comes to politics. A stellar initiative, maybe the first of its kind and a commendable one at that. A way to give back to a broad enough section of society, even while we focus on the one specific area , that is of Bangalore. A couple of good think tanks came up as a result of today’s exercise. Lots more thinks and things coming up soon, looks like . Again, should the thinktankers overflow with ideas, we could use them to supplement household water ,  to cope with the water shortage looming over our heads like a desert storm.

Do read up the previous post on “Thinktankers facilitated by amblingindian”, where many pertinent questions and issues were posted. Hopefully we will find  answers soon, courtesy IIT and B.PAC brainpowers, working jointly.

The amblingindian ( Aina Rao)

All views are purely personal. The amblingindian has no affiliations to any body, political or otherwise. She believes in causes that, simply put, work for the benefit of all .

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