Friday, 26 July 2013

Walking along the Thames

It’s been a glorious British summer . I’ve seen it this year, the sun bringing lots of happiness and then Andy Murray, the Wimbledon Crown, and the baby prince bringing even more .  A warm feeling envelopes, as I walk on the bridge, across the river, soaking in the night life of this place that was at one time home, that I have come back to.
Walking along the river Thames, life feels so still and calm. Lilting strains of the guitar rise from the ripples in the water, as if someone were playing the notes on the water itself. Humming to myself  " Te amo, te amo, you are the dark,you are the light ",  I look .  The beautiful bridges allow an unbridled view of the river, the HMS Ispaniol docked so serenely, the blue lights of the eye smiling benevolently at the waters, a boat sailing past, so peacefully.
The city lives  passionately  here.  People  painting, singing, kissing, wanting to get so much more from their lives. But I, am content, finding my peace, just drinking in the beauty of the water, of the lights around , the soft and gentle breeze tousling my hair .
They say water is life. This water, is certainly that, shimmering and reflecting , in so many hues of pink, yellow, silver and violet, the life of the city that is so  irresistible!
Aina Rao.
The amblingindian
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July 2013.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

amblingindian nuggets on life - on daughters

One day she may be a mother, a grandmother, a wisened or withered great- grand mother even, telling stories to her own young ones.
One day, she may belong to someone else. Someone, who i hope will love her, as fervently as i do, even more so, someone who cherishes her sweetness, her  softness and preserves it for as long as it can be.

But for today, she is my own little one, so gentle, her hands  soft like velvet, her skin smooth like silk, her eyes so full of glint,  her mind so full of questions. "Mummy, why is the heart more important than the brain?" "Because, my sweety, the heart rules the brain", and you rule my heart.

Dear daughter, I love you more than love itself, and for today , you are my love  and only mine.

If only love could be bottled, and preserved for ever, just the purest of mother's love.

Aina Rao
The amblingindian.
22nd Aug, 2013.