Friday, 31 October 2014

Some Sartorial sense prevails!

It is return of the poster boys this time. After a swashbuckling Shashi Tharoor stole the hearts of many an Indian damsels, the PM Mr Narendra Modi added another fan to his ever growing list of admirers. And the fan was none other than "Tommy Hilfiger", the king of style, who was so full of praise for Mr Modi's dress sense that he even turned somewhat unpatriotic claiming that Mr Modi was more fashionable than Barack Obamaji.

Many hues of Modi

To quote Tommy ji "Modi is quite fashionable while Obama dresses safe: Tommy Hilfiger" 

Wah wah Mr Modi. To be praised for good governance, change, politics is one thing. But, to be respected for your sartorial sense is totally out of the box and out of this world, isnt it? And that too, by one of the iconic fashion makers himself.

Shashi Tharoor- tricolour glory


And so, sartorial sense is definitely centre stage this time. With Devendra Fadnavis, another young , fashionable un (young meaning on the right side of 40 and fashionable meaning he has done modelling stints) taking charge of the CM seat in Maharashtra, it looks like the staid ol' white kurta pajama and dhoti kurta of yore, donned by most politicians has reached end of life . Much like Shah Rukh Khan with his Gap sweatshirts and Nike pants that spelt the deathknell of the Jitendra style bellbottom pants and white shirts in Bollywood, looks like Devendra Fadnavis, the model turned CM, Narendra Modi and Shashi Tharoor are going to rewrite the future of Indian politics. At least the sartorial future that is. So we can look forward to some new colours and styles from our new age politicians, and hopefully new age thinking too. Ringing in the change now, its an Indian delight coming up!

Fashionable CM - Devendra Fadnavis

Aina Rao
The amblingindian.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Return of the broomsticks!

"Return of the Jhadoo (Broom)".

The jhadoo has cast its magic, its "jadu". Its casting a magic spell of sorts, much like a witches broomstick. And is now making a comeback, as a style statement. As fads and fashions go, this one had met its pinnacle around two years ago, when chosen as the star symbol of purity, by none other than the Aam aadmi party ( AAP) itself.  

Pic Courtesy: Indiopines
The broomstick, with the rise of the AAP, as its mascot, never touched before, had a stellar debut then, with such a fearful presence that eminent congress leaders had banned it from their homes, and resorted to the hiterto dust gathering vacuum cleaners. With strict instructions to the homehelps not to ever use the word or the broomstick.

But then, somewhat magically and somewhat tragically, it lost its sheen, and turned to collect dust, as its torchbearers the "AAP" were relegated to the sidelines too.

But, stoic that it was, it has made a huge comeback. Thus the "return of the jhadu", this sequel has caught on, like a house on fire.With the fashion conscious Modi and his unique sartorial style labelling it the much needed "fashion accessory" and the swashbuckling "Shashi Tharoor" taking on the cue, like a house on fire, it is back in the limelight. And why not? Since the eminent Mr Tharoor has already swept a lot of countrymen and countrywomen off their feet with his controversial tweets and inimitable style, it remains to be seen what else he can sweep away with a swish of the broom. The beaches of Thiruvanthupuram ? Yes, maybe, but equally hopefully, much of the muck that's built in the country, by way of bribery, corruption, fraud and you name it.

Thus comes power to the Jhadu.May it live long. Notwithstanding the sour-faced detractors, a la Mayawati*, who claimed that our leaders needed to graduate from the old-fashioned jhadu to new age machines now. Good thought, Madam Mayawati. Progress is all good. But, as far as the Jhadu goes, it shall remain for long, having firmly entrenched itself in the houses of all Indians, from Hyderabad  to Harrow and Haiti, and now in the seat of power too, detractors and defectors notwithstanding. And maybe straighten out some warped notions about men, modern machines, and Mr Modi's clean up drive. It is the "return of the Jhadu " indeed. Now, lets wait and watch, shall we?

Aina Rao,
The amblingindian.

* Mayawati- erstwhile minister, now in the Opposition

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Clean- the new Mantra!

Clean is the new buzzword, It is indeed the time to change to clean. All change to clean please, all change . This time with a broom! Show the world that India means business. Call the shots, with a magical swish of the broom, lets clean up all the garbage that has piled up on our roads, cities, villages, towns and what have you. Thank you Prime Minister Mr Modi, for reminding ourselves that we owe ourselves a clean place to live in, and for roping in the charismatic Shashi Tharoor too, to further your campaign. For what sells better than a combination of poster boys, girls and  "Cleanliness is Godliness"?

"Swach Bharat Abhiyaan ( Clean India Campaign)". Another round of cleaning, by newly awakened citizens. My own complex, with all of 500 apartment residents managed to clean the streets ahead and fill up with no less than 25 garbage bags with garbage. Notwithstanding the fact that the ugly gutters and shanty towns next door, happily watched them with some wonder and lots of awe. What is it that these hippy, new-gen, denim clad folks are upto? Ha.Ha . Lets see if it lasts till tomorrow. Obviously it won't. By itself, it just can't, can it, unless someone can prove me wrong? 

For one cleanliness drive, once in a month, can be very good for our souls for sure, but can't do much more. What do we do now that 25 garbage bags are piled up? Is there any manner of civic authority coming forward to collect and more importantly, dispose of it? Even the lovely garbage trucks that so lovingly come to collect our muck, happily strew some more as they pass, overflowing as they are with all manner of junk, unable to collect much more than a fraction of it ultimately. So, the rest must stay where it rightfully belongs, on the street that is. A large, rotten stinky mass being chewed away by the ubiquitous cows and stray dogs, another fixture of modern India. 

And the sewerage systems. Non, or only partially existent they are. For some, so called elitist complexes of any  more than a 100 residents must have their own sewerage treatment and disposal, by the local government dictat. Notwithstanding the fact that the residents may have paid for the sewerage connections at least seven years back, with the futile hope that it will sometime materialise. But, is the blasted sewerage connection anywhere in sight? One would have gained hope, each time they dug up another set of roads, ostensibly to lay a pipe here or there, but all is in vain, it seems.

Maybe the government officials just didn't have the time then. And maybe they have even less now,  as they appear to be busy participating in the Swach Bharat Abhiyan- wielding their mighty broomsticks like swords, on the roads. Some garbage for thought Mr Modi. 

At least it is a step in the right direction.But, will it all stop here, with citizens being left to their own resources, or can it go further, to its natural conclusion, with proper sanitation, sewerage connections, garbage collection and disposal being actually arranged and managed by the Govt and the civic authorities? One certainly hopes so. Here's to a Swatcha Bharat, the new and shining India!

Aina Rao, 
The amblingindian.