Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Thinktankers facilitated by amblingindian

Calling the great Indian thinktankers, facilitated by Amblingindian

Amblingindian is proud to host the think tankers series, and all are invited to join, details as below:

We urgently require public interaction and consultation, with task forces set out to define the new order of society and the rule of law as well. Below topics are of special interest and common citizens, self- appointed champions, representatives, officials as well as thinkers are invited. Think tankers will be created in all cities and special reports will be submitted to the government  with recommendations courtesy the Amblingindian. If the think tankers overflow with ideas they will be used in lieu of water tankers, to tide over the looming summer water crisis.

Following are the initial thoughts and inputs received by the amblingindian. Request all the think tankers to come up with rules, hierarchy and detailed solutions to some of the pressing issues faced by our country, as below:

1.Movies – all banned subjects to be defined. This includes religion, caste, creed, age, all occupations, animals, history, and mythology. Movie makers can figure out what’s left over or cover other stuff like  whatever is  gender /language/ religion/everything else neutral or plants. 

2. Marriages – all marriages to be categorized as honourable/ dishonourable before solemnisation . Termination and dictat rules to be defined for non-same-caste, non same-state, non same religion marriages. Khap panchayats to be granted special status for solemnisation of anything and everything even remotely resembling a union.

3.Rights – 
Right to free speech - need to have a ban on all words other than blah- blah in public ( no bleating as sheep may object) 
Right to dignity -need to apply to all with the exception of  women in patriarchal society     
Right to work – need to have the right, however there may not be work to do     
Right to controversy – need to have the right to create controversies for nothing
Right to hunger – need to have a right to be hungry
Right to coaching classes  – no need for education, we need the right to attend coaching classes on all subjects from cradle to grave    
 Right to equality- need the right to equal 2+2 and come up with any answer    
 Right to opinion – need to have the right to keep opinions to oneself    
 Right to jail – Need to have the right to be behind bars for any word uttered or written about (please exclude the Amblingindian though..)    

4. Other interesting topics will be added in due course, such as codes of conduct for common( mango) people . This may include  
Right to shop at Tesco’s, Ikeas etc.
Right to form pop groups (strictly not allowed for women)
Right to make junk calls (as against the right to privacy)
Right to issue dictats against any person living in India or outside of it, demanding their life
Right to evict people from pubs, bars, discos ( appears to be against the Indian culture)
Right to redefine the code of conduct itself as and when one wishes to

Pl send your responses to thinktankers@amblingindian.com by the end of the century.
Aina Rao( The Amblingindian)