Friday, 15 March 2013

Amblingindian nuggets on Life - On Rejuvenation

On the days that I am really down, when nothing seems to work in the office, when people act difficult and the superiors refuse to give even a minute of their so very precious time, or when things just generally don’t work at all, there is nothing better than being able to come home and retreat into my own reading zone. A world so different, it is amazing it even exists on the same planet. A world of James Herriott, PG Wodehouse, Tintin and others, filled with antics , fun and joys, of characters and tails, of vets and butlers, all beings of different kinds.

 I read on, and lose myself in the dream, for what is this world if not a dream, after all ? And then I am rejuvenated , almost reborn , having passed through a different state of existence, refreshed to re - enter the dreamworld the next day, which everyone calls the real one. Love this dream state of being, once again!

Aina Rao- The amblingindian

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