Thursday, 30 May 2013

A shower of flowers

The heat of the summer. Hot winds hitting and lashing at us as we step outside. A short journey to my favourite place, Tippasandra, with its  narrow lanes and bylanes, picturesque little houses, leafy green shrubs and magnificent trees, is always welcome. Forming a canopy over both sides, the trees shelter and protect us from the harsh elements. And now that summer is here, they have burst open, ushering in a flowering carnival of pinks, fuchsias, violets, mauves, bright yellows and the ever-so-soothing white flowers.

A feast to my eyes. I  gaze up and a rain shower erupts. A delicate shower that drenches us in yellow. Even more in awe, the kids scramble to collect the beautiful yellow flowers that are falling on our heads like little blessings from heaven. An incessant drizzle of yellow, raining from the trees above. A carpet of gold forms  .I look for their names. No one seems to know - the nondescript, bright yellow bounties. Aloha, maybe? They certainly look like aloha flowers. Never seen anything like this shower before. Another wonder of the world? I am in the midst of something so precious, so beautiful, an absolute joy of creation.

An aloha shower? Halleluiah!! 

           Aloha flowers

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