Sunday, 7 April 2013

Amblingindian Nuggets on Life - On Writing

A new life begins with a wail.
A change, a revolution begins with the word. The written word. It doesn't talk, yet it gets heard. It doesn't shout, yet gets  attention.
That is the power of the written word.  A force to be reckoned with, an agent of change, a catalyst, and much  more...

The word. At times my nemesis, other times a saviour. Sometimes, i dip my mind into the world of words, to emerge with beads of thought. Other times  i simply play with the beads , weave them into adornments, with imagination as the thread. The joy of creation, just playing with the word, is genuinely indescribable.

As for me, the word is also my solace , my confidante , my imagination and catharsis. It rings so true. It is ephemeral, yet permanent. It fulfills the purpose of my life, makes my existence so complete.


Aina Rao


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