Monday, 22 April 2013

Water, water, everywhere but...

Looks like a certain 'foot-in-the-mouth' disease is doing the rounds. With public servants being afflicted, making statements of the order of " Peeing is the best way to boost sordid water levels in the rivers",even the Amblingindian is not spared. The piece below being a sample of the result of this terrible epidemic.

Not a drop to drink.

Is water a precious commodity? Not really, if the 'public servants' are to be believed. For, there's plenty of it everywhere, so what if it's not in the taps or rivers, we all collectively have a lot stored up in our bodies, like in tears or pee even. And in true Mary Antoinette style, if we don't have bread, we could always eat cake, and extend that to water.So why worry about  dry rivers  anymore?

- Lets fill the clouds with tears,
  Lets fill the dams with pee.

  If there's no water to drink,
  There's always coke or pepsi.

  Why worry about the rain,
  When all the water will anyway go down the drain?

The Amblingindian.

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